sugar koi



We just love ice cream!

 Nat opened Sugar Koi Ice Cream in the Springs of 2019 because he wanted to offer “Asian inspired” to savvy palates in Durham, North Carolina. Nat grew up in Bangkok, Thailand , enjoying homemade ice cream all his life.

As the years passed in working in restaurant business and after many trips to various ice cream parlors. Nat realized that Durham doesn't have many offers in Asian inspired local ice cream shops that made  fresh, unique and delicious cones! With each fish Koiyaki cone shape waffle. Nat wondered what kind of flavors he could craft and put them into his unique fish shape waffle cone. 

 In Cary North Carolina, Nat worked as a waiter, host, sushi chef up to assistant manager at Sushi Thai Cary. Nat deepened his love of working with food. He became inspired by the menus and dishes he helped develop and began mentally storing this inspiration for future use.  Eventually, in the year 2000 Nat found his best friend Eric who introduced him into ice cream franchised business which take them a long ride with their journey. As several years passed, the dream of local ice creams began dancing in their heads. All the while, with each trip to visit Nat friends in various big city, Nat was falling more and more in love with Asian inspired by its creative spirit and American favorite flavors.  Finally, the right time came and the decision was made Nat started first in Durham Koiyaki fish waffle cone.  Thus began the realization of a dream and the building of Sugar Koi Ice Cream.